Jonesville High School



March 18th, 2019


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3/16 – Jayden Nieswender


Monday, 3/18/2019

Lunch: Steak & Cheese Sandwich or BBQ Pork on Bun, California Blend, Cherries, Milk


Tuesday, 3/19/2019

Lunch: Chicken Fajita or Cold Cut Sub, Succotash, Tropical Fruit, Milk



·         There will be a Prom Committee meeting Friday, March 22nd at lunch in Mr. Perrin’s room.


·         Scholastic Flyer orders are due tomorrow.  You can turn your orders into Mrs. Q. or order online with our class code - LY62K.


·         Juniors and Seniors: Prom tickets go on sale next week.  Tickets are $35 each and will be available at lunch.  Prom is on April 13th at Hillsdale College.  This is the Saturday after we return from Spring Break.  Please try to purchase tickets before Spring Break.


·         Seniors:  Sign up for the senior day trip in the main office by Friday, March 29th.  Cost is $10 and permission slips need to be signed and returned in order to participate.


·         World Down Syndrome Day is March 21st! Please wear brightly colored, funky, or mismatched socks to support people with Down Syndrome. Just like typical people, individuals with Down syndrome have two copies of each of their 23 chromosomes, but they have a third copy of chromosome 21, a genetic condition known as trisomy 21, hence the celebration on March 21st or 3-21.